About Clap Banner

About The Clap-Banner®

  • Clap-banner® a hand-held banner and noisemaker in one
  • Clap-banner® creates excitement both visually and audibly
  • Clap-banner® creates a fantastic visual effect giving maximum advertising space and brand awareness at a premium price
  • Clap-banner® ideal for clapping along to chants and songs at sports events and pop concerts
  • Clap-banner® Ecologically friendly being made from recycled and biodegradable material
  • Clap-banner® ideal tool for sponsorship at all major sporting and other public events both indoor and outdoor
  • Clap-banner® a must for televised events and games
  • Clap-banner® ideally suited to create revenue and income especially for charitable or sponsored events
  • Clap-banner® ideal to be used for crowd choreography
  • Clap-banner® a popular supporters item and highly collectable
  • Clap-banner® quick lead times and small quantities available
  • Clap-banner® printed in full colour both sides, with text, logos and photographic images
  • Clap-banner® a proven boost to teams
  • Clap-banner® minimal clean up costs as spectators take them home after an event
  • Clap-banner® safe and non-toxic
  • Clap-banner® ideal for all ages and can be used with one hand making it an ideal supporters tool for those with physical challenges
  • Clap-banner® minimal freight costs
  • Clap-banner® 24/7 service

Event Clap Banner is owned by Event Merchandising

Event Merchandising works in partnership with some of the world’s most recognised brands and events.

Our services ranges from designing and manufacturing creative products for corporate requirements to selling at live events, pop up shops, from devising licensing programmes to running online shops globally selling direct to the consumer . Event Merchandising prides itself on its ability to listen to the needs of the client, offer a remarkable customer experience and deliver goods and services that elevate a company’s brand perception. Our clients are in industries such as sport, entertainment, corporate, film and charities. They range from one off consumer orders to brands such as London 2012, BBC, DISNEY, DIVERSITY, IMG, THE RUGBY WORLD CUP, Yorkshire 2019, Harley-Davidson, Rio 2016, Tough Mudder, Americas cup to James Bond.